Andy Cartwright Afrique Dusk Salad Bowl & Servers Set

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Even the simplest salads look spectacular when served with the Andy Cartwright ‘Afrique’ Dusk Salad Bowl and Server Set. This unique set is the epitome of elegance. The round bowl and gold-plated servers are useful for a host of side dishes, including fruit salads, potato salads, vegetables, and more. Accessorise your table whether it be for a family brunch or dinner party with close friends. Encased in beautiful black boxes for easy storage and long-lasting protection. Inspired by dusk — the last remnants of twilight vividly etching golden hues overhead a pure black velvet silhouette.

spoons: 26 ( l ) x 6.9 ( w ) x 1.1 ( h ) cm
bowl: 24.8 ( l ) x 24.8 ( w ) x 9.7 ( h ) cm
box: 25.8 ( l ) x 25.8 ( w ) x 11.7 ( h ) cm
spoons: stainless steel and gold plating
bowl: ceramic with gold plating